This page celebrates the illustrious career of Doreen Cannon, Dee’s mother, who was head of acting at The Drama Centre and RADA and a respected theatre director.

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The following are brief extracts from tributes to Doreen Cannon.

uta_hagenUta Hagen

“I firmly believe the British theatre world was lucky to count Doreen Cannon among its dedicated members. The reputation she acquired in England is truly deserved.”

Colin-FirthColin Firth

“It wouldn’t make sense to be thanking Doreen now for the last time, as she hasn’t finished with me yet. In fact, I thank her every day for guidance which is so practical that I honestly don’t know what I would do without it. Thanks to Doreen, many of us have been able to find a form in a process which is often so nebulous and so intimidating. Her approbation and occasional praise follow me everywhere.”

simon_callowSimon Callow

“Had it not been for her, I and many others of us would still have been working off that top millimetre, cluttering up the world with yet more meaningless superficiality. She is a terrible loss, now more than ever when instant results are the order of the day. She toiled heroically and publicly unsung. She was a real teacher, one of the greatest of her kind.”